I live a strange life. I travel throughout the country with my husband. We stay in different places, eat good food, smoke the best weed, and have amazing sexual experiences with people. It’s AMAZING.

I won’t lie… It certainly has its own unique challenges.

Like your alternator going out halfway between two long-term vacation rentals 8 hours apart and just as far from anyone you know.

And then arriving at your “beautiful” rental to find a moldy shower that was intentionally not pictured and stood in stark contrast to the perfectly choreographed bedding…

Or spending the first week of your hibernation period dealing with those things, knowing that you’ve lost 20% of the time you had devoted to this ultimate period of rejuvenation.

But even in the midst of all that…

I have seen sights –
shorelines and iced pines that stretch from waterway to waterway –
hills and streams and lakes and bogs –
cities built into hillsides
lit up against the jagged rocks and rugged winter
cold that already encroaches.

I have tasted of abundance –
cooking foods full of hibernation, love, and goodness,
smoking the Goddess plant in the cool night’s air,
and soaking in the decadent pleasure that drips between our mouths and ears.

Thank you for including me in your journey of pleasure and for helping support me in living mine.