I bill out $80 an hour in my vanilla work, and I actually really love the things I do. But COVID put a damper on my industry, and a chance login to Niteflirt led to a call that I’m guessing has literally changed my life.

Even in my repressed years, I fantasized about being a phone sex operator. I never dreamed I’d be a liberated enough woman to actually be able to do it. But here I am. And I LOVE it!

I am meeting the most amazing people. Many of you are submissive men who crave a strong woman who will take you places you’ve always wanted to go – but just don’t have the balls to do on your own. I LOVE being that woman, that Goddess, who taps into your deepest darkest fantasies, unravels them, and stokes them into a bright hot light of pleasure – or pain.

Many of you are fellow sapiosexuals, tired of the vapid conversations that usually accompany sex, hungry for a true mindfuck. I love being that woman who leaves you breathless – as much from my intellect as from the soft moans that escape my lips.

Some of you are just looking for companionship, someone to converse with about the experiences you can’t share with the rest of the world for fear of judgment – or fear of infection, whatever the case may be. I love being the woman who taps into the depths of your mind and enjoys the pleasure of conversation with you.

Thank you to all of my customers – especially those of you who have called back multiple times. I’m loving getting to know you!