This may read like erotic fiction, and I’m putting it there for now, but know this is more of a manifestation of what is coming than a daydream. I AM a Queen, and I WILL have this.

At first, I dreamed of building a literal palace, but that’s just not how things were meant to be. My servants certainly spared no expense or luxury on my quarters or the communal spaces that make this place so serene and sacred, but having one massive building felt a bit too detached from nature. Instead, the temple and servants’ quarters are separate from my own home, connected with beautiful walkways and vistas. The visitor’s village is quaintly woven throughout with vacation cabins for visiting Dommes and those seeking to serve when they can.

A place for an artist Queen to reside and create, host and entertain, train and educate.

It started with just a naked piece of land. My favorite bought it for me when he realized no gift is better than the gift of roots — particularly when those roots overlook Lake Michigan. He sold the idea to his wife by parceling out the property for their vacation cabin. He used to disappear to go fishing when he was really walking to visit his Queen. Of course, it didn’t take me very long to seduce his pretty wife, so now the days of deceit are long behind us. I’ve taken over their vacation cabin and turned it into my guest house. They are both welcome in my own bed whenever they visit, which is often.

Speaking of my bed, it’s impressive and was designed by me and handcrafted by my servants in the dungeon workshop. Beautiful wood posts with built-in silk ties, an under-bed cage, and an elevated throne in place of a headboard. Because I am a literal Queen. The dungeon workshop is where we make all the fun things that help sustain this place. The furniture is fun, but the Italian leather floggers are what have really made their mark. My sweet pet was able to take his marketing job remotely and works from under the bed building my empire. But he is only one of the many who labor day in and day out for me.

I finally have a stable to keep all of my pets and servants. There are levels to servanthood in this Queendom, and all have the accommodations they NEED. Some in cages; some shackled; some in cute little servants’ quarters with their own little room. Permanent cuck couples have their own cottages built according to the wives’ specifications. Although these pretty women are provided for by their cucks, they are more like MY wives. Well, MINE and my HUBBY’S.

Speaking of my husband, he is the only Alpha man in this Queendom of betas. Not all married subs are cucks, but for those who are, he helps me keep their pretty wives satisfied. My TRULY straight subs never have to serve him, but all treat him with respect, whether they are permanent or just visiting. He is an example to every man who passes through this Queendom, beta or not, about how to support the blossoming and development of a woman into a Goddess. Many of my subs worship him and serve him as devotedly as they serve me. He is MY protector and defender, and his protection and defense extends to all who are truly MINE and to the entirety of this sacred place we’ve built.

I host seasonal chautaquas with a sensual flair. People from all over the country converge on this sacred sexual place. My devotees are fed and nourished spiritually and emotionally with opportunities to serve, commune, and grow. Couples come to learn about female-led relationships and BDSM generally. Individuals come seeking the surrender of control and the sacred healing of sex. My subs have the distinguished honor of being dominated by developing Dommes learning to unleash and control their power under my tutelage.

All have a role to play in the Queendom. It isn’t easy keeping a place like this up. So many boots to clean; so many chores to do; so much work to complete. Between the events, the garden, the dungeon workshop, and property maintenance, even the most drone-minded servants can find complete refuge here. Every day is an act of consecration; every evening a literal feast. Since I love cooking, my cooking subs get the joy of serving in my kitchen alongside me most days. But of course, they do all of the clean-up.

No feast is complete without dancing and joy. Our evenings spin up into a whirlwind of ecstatic bliss. Queen transforms into Goddess, spinning around as the moon rises. My hair and skirts fly out around me, my power and glory radiant. Many just watch, but the most devoted among MINE rise and dance with me, unabashed and unashamed. You’ve never seen a Goddess until you’ve seen her dancing, flog in hand, lashing all those in sight to encourage their movements. The soft strike of a Goddess compels to dance and arousal. The hard strike of a Goddess compels to penance and devotion.

Once we’re all worked into a frenzy, I spend a bit of time exercising in the expansive dungeon or take one (or many) of the cucks’ pretty wives to bed. Only the most obedient among MINE get to be in the room to witness those miracles.

When I wake, my husband and I still tangled with one or many of your wives, it will be to the attentive and eager kissing and licking of one of my favorite pets. I’ll lay there lazily, going over the days’ tasks in my mind as he loses himself to the scent and taste of me like pets are wont to do. And then, I will rise and rule my Queendom for another day.