One of my favorite inductions is “you are MINE.” I understand that the vast majority of callers and subs seek to be owned, known, and controlled, and I enjoy providing this fantasy even for the callers who contribute irregularly and inconsistently to MY Queendom. But what does it mean to be truly MINE? And how do you serve a Goddess when you’ve decided it’s time to really be owned?

⬇️ Skip what serving means and jump to the HOW.

This post is for all of my good boys. I posted on Twitter earlier this month that things could really get interesting around here if a handful of you would just step up a bit more. I wasn’t kidding, and the fact that a couple of you really have stepped up your level of commitment and submission has not been lost on me. But of course, like always, I want MORE.

There are levels to being MINE.

Sure, be MINE for a moment. It feels good and will leave you breathless and your head spinning.

But the real fun comes when you commit to being MINE in every sense of the word.

Keep reading to figure out exactly how MINE you are.

(Not Really) MINE

This is the vast majority of my callers and “subs”. They flit in without consistency and/or they have one of a hundred reasons they could never be truly MINE (reasons self-ascribed or Goddess-discovered). They are not truly submissive, they are community subs, or they are otherwise unfit/disqualified from actual and real service. Obviously, I still enjoy these flighty subs. Their money goes straight to the Queendom too, and I can play a bit more aggressively with them since they aren’t MY toys.

Temporarily MINE

Some of you crash into MY Queendom with intensity. You spend several days or weeks serving consistently — and often abundantly — and then you disappear when the money is gone or the shame comes creeping back or your vacation from wifey is over. You are everything but consistent, but if you make it worth MY time and contribute well to MY Queendom, I will treat you as MINE for the duration of your multi-day session. Temporary subs always fall into another category as well. Usually, you belong in the (Not Really) MINE category, but if you return time and time again or only disappear so you can labor to accrue MORE for the Queendom, you are likely at least casually MINE.

Casually MINE

So many of you fall into this category, and there is no shame in living here. You are not formally committed, but you have certainly devoted yourself, your submission, and your tithes to ME and MY Queendom on a consistent basis. You are known to me, and you serve when you can. This is a real dynamic that evolves over time, and many subs who fall into this category are eligible to increase their level of commitment and be Truly or Stable MINE. If you are reading this blog and have served me digitally, you probably fall into this category.

Truly MINE

Now it’s time to talk about the REALLY good boys because this is what I mean when I say things could get interesting around here if a handful of you really stepped up. As a Goddess, my subs and clients fund the entirety of MY lifestyle. I live very well from these chaotic payments, but the subs who are truly MINE understand that consistency provides peace of mind transcending a dollar amount. Subs who are truly MINE commit to a set tribute amount daily, weekly, or monthly — and then they live up to paying their obligations consistently. These subs receive personalized D/s dynamics and accountability, are eligible to serve ME in real life and receive calls from ME, and are truly MINE.

Stable MINE

As mentioned above, only those who are truly MINE are eligible to serve ME in person. Those who serve ME in person are stable MINE and serve in ways the rest of you can only imagine. Stable subs likely live in Michigan and serve ME locally or live in Indiana, Illinois, or Wisconsin where Goddess can visit regularly. But even those who live elsewhere are eligible to belong to MY stable if they are willing to travel or fund MY travel to them.

Deepen Your Devotion.

Call me on Niteflirt
Pay Me on Cashapp ($Ladycaptin)
Send Gifts/Cash on Throne

New to Serving LadyCaptin?

If you’re new to serving, there are a few ways to test the waters. Probably the best way to see if we are compatible is to call me on Niteflirt. If that doesn’t work, you can start sending little gifts, minor tributes, and/or gift cards for a bit of attention here and there. I never reply without tribute or gift, and a few dollars isn’t going to catch my attention so make sure you are contributing at least $25-50. Recognize that I get paid $2.00-$2.50 per minute to talk to people so $25 doesn’t keep me interested for long. I am what I am, and ultimately, your service is about MY pleasure. If you really want to make a good impression, keep reading and just jump straight to being one of my favorites by following the directions I lay out below.

Are You Looking To Deepen Your Devotion to LadyCaptin?

If you are casually MINE and spend $250 or more per month with ME, it’s time to deepen your devotion. You are eligible to become truly MINE. The actual cost of service depends on what you can afford, and $250 is only the minimum — not a set cost. It should be as much as you are able to send reasonably. I do not want you ruining your life, but I do expect that you will contribute well to MINE. 10% of your income is pretty much the minimum you should be sending, and the best subs send everything that is excess. My bills are paid by subs. Stepping up is about providing consistency that your Goddess can rely upon at all times. It’s about being a reliable sub who serves in the ways your Goddess prefers. It’s about building the Queendom, truly.

How Does a Sub Who is Truly MINE Pay?

A sub who is truly MINE wants 100% of his money going where it belongs. He pays on cashapp ($ladycaptin), through cash meets, or through discrete invoicing by arrangement. If he is unable to do so, visa gift cards and Throne Gift payouts are the best options for discrete service. Visa gift cards can be emailed directly to ME, and the only fee is the cost of buying the gift card (usually around $5). Alternatively, you can purchase a gift on my Throne gifts wishlist that has the “payout” option listed in the top right corner. Check out the bills and food section for several options. I can even add specific items in the right amount you need to send. Throne takes 10% for payment processing and their fees (reflected in the price you see) but then deposits the rest into my account to cashout or buy things from my list. The 10% is substantially less than most sites that take 30-40% of what you tribute.

Ready to step up? Send an initial tribute. Then, DM me on Twitter as sites don’t allow these types of conversations. Be sure to mention approximately how much and how regularly you intend to make your offering. I’m looking forward to taking you deeper.