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Phone Sex

I’m on Niteflirt almost every day for your calling pleasure. My listings are linked below. Each one links to more information about the types of calls I provide and enjoy, reviews from past clients on that line, and relevant pay-to-view content I have created. You can call OR sext with me on Niteflirt.



Sex Coaching & Sexual Healing

Although I am not a licensed therapist, I have been through my own journey from repression to expression. I believe that sex can heal trauma, and I love helping people work through their past and move forward with their future. Many of my clients have told me that my sexual coaching is more effective than years of traditional therapy — though you should ALWAYS seek licensed therapy in addition to our work together. I am a coach, supporter, and guide. My specialties include:

Reprogramming religious shame & toxic guilt
Remothering & nurturing you to wholeness
Helping women reclaim the Dominance society stripped from them
Coaching couples through kink exploration, power exchange, and ethical nonmonogamy
Coaching individuals through divorce
End of life companionship / legacy planning

Sexual coaching and sexual healing are nuanced and tailored to the individual. Sessions can be virtual or in-person. Depending on the nature of coaching/healing required, my husband is available as well. We have had some very intense sexual healing experiences with people through the years and have worked extensively with couples navigating the confusing waters of ethical nonmonogamy.

I am a Domme, and that can be intimidating for some clients, but I am also a true Goddess empath capable of soothing your soul. Don’t be scared. If you need help, reach out today.


Digital Domination Packages

I also offer more intensive digital domination packages for subs seeking to lose control. Digital domination packages are tailored to the individual sub and require a minimum monthly tribute of $250+

Digital domination packages can include a combination of sexting, calls, and assignments to push you. I love combining unique programs (Habitica is my favorite) to create a VERY CUSTOM digital domination experience that shapes you into the person you are meant to be. 

Sissification & Feminization

Take Me Shopping: Call me or chat with me on Niteflirt while you are shopping and let me help you pick out the perfect clothes.

Sissy Styling: I LOVE styling my sissies. You give me a set budget and your measurements, and I will shop for everything you want. There is a $100 base styling fee with an additional $25 per $100 you budget on clothing/makeup.

Financial Domination

Drain sessions: Call the Drain Line

Sensual Bookkeeping: Put me on your accounts, and I will pay your bills, invest and spend as I desire, and give you an agreed-upon weekly or monthly allowance. I have run businesses so I actually know what I’m doing. Only the loyal get this kind of treatment so prove yourself.

Human ATMs: Commit to paying certain bills each month or just be on call for when I randomly need a cash infusion.

Investors & Cosigners: I dream of starting a community overlooking Lake Michigan where multiple Dommes live together with a select handful of live-in subs. We would host kink-friendly events and unique experiences for clients. If you are a finsub interested in funding this project (in whole or in part), reach out!

Femdom Life Coaching

Need help getting your life in order, transitioning through a major life change, or just need a strict Domme to help hold you accountable in your daily life? Femdom life coaching is my absolute favorite form of domination. 

Femdom Life Coaching requires a minimum commitment of $250 per month and will be tailored to your specific situation to provide you with the tools and support you need in order to make real and lasting changes. I can provide actual rewards and punishments, supportive talk sessions, habit strategy and support, and task management – all within the confines of a D/s dynamic. Femdom life coaching can be incredibly rewarding and effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious what it’s like to serve me? Here are some of my most frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to serve Goddess?

I require a minimum of $250/month for custom domination packages. I prefer a 10% tithe of your income, and some men choose to offer everything. I offer sensual bookkeeping and taskmaster programs where I pay the bills you NEED to have paid and the ones I choose to do as extra (Netflix, PS4, etc.), give you an allowance to cover your necessary expenditures, and save / keep / invest the rest as I choose.

What will my domination package include?

That depends on what you need. Your package is completely tailored to your budget, your desires, and your personal lifestyle. Once you send the initial month’s tribute, we will spend time chatting through your desires and needs from a pro Domme. We’ll discuss your budget, your limits, and what you want to explore. 

What types of things does Goddess enjoy?

 I enjoy ALL aspects of domination, but especially those that require creativity and intelligence. I love hypnosis, roleplay, creative assignments, blackmail, forced bi, taskmaster (literally managing your to-do list and punishing you for not getting things done), sensual bookkeeping (literally managing your wallet), sissification, being worshiped, corporal punishment, and domestic service. More than anything, I LOVE being the only person who can drive someone wild. I like learning about your fetishes and fantasies and coming up with unique ways to bring them to life – no matter WHAT they are.

I'm broke... can I serve you another way?

Yes, you can. Serve me by being retweeting my content on Twitter (@YesLadyCaptin) and sharing my website and blog posts across the internet. I will be releasing more information for service subs soon so follow this site!

Well... I'm not BROKE, but I don't have $300/month to dedicate right now...

Well aren’t you a lucky, boy? I offer chat by the round, calls by the minute, and lots of low cost goodies on my Niteflirt account. Go check them out and get your fix while you save up to worship properly.

Is it all about money for Goddess?

This is a fair question, and one I receive from time to time because I do not Domme for free. Ultimately, I believe that a man’s wallet is the last vestige of control he holds onto. Control a man’s cock and balls… that’s half the battle. Control his wallet? You own that man.

Crave a custom domination package or something not explicitly offered on this site? Tell me what you are seeking and your budget in the form, and I will be in contact.

Tributes for non-NF services can be submitted via to $ladycaptin

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