Many of you have noticed that I spend a lot of time traveling. It’s not just a series of vacations; this is my life. I am based in Michigan, but I travel throughout the midwest (and less frequently, beyond) for work and pleasure.

I travel for work, consulting with businesses and networking with potential clients. I also travel as an artist with an indie craft business and a budding musician with exciting gigs. I travel where opportunity takes me.

But I don’t JUST travel for work. Travel and the freedom to set my own schedule on a day to day basis are the main reasons I love working for myself. The freedom to go where I want when I want is at the heart of how I live my life. I structure every moment of my day according to my whims and the opportunities that present themselves.

This last trip, I met with one of the three cannabis laboratories in Illinois to discuss business, spent time on non-Michigan water, and went on a sex toy shopping spree just for fun. Next month, I’m going back on the road to play music in my first professional gig for 34 nights straight!

I spend more on hotels than rent most years, and though I dream of settling down and building the Queendom’s palace, I’m traveling freely in the meantime – flitting from longterm vacation rental to longterm vacation rental, soaking in all that life has to offer.