I’ve had several big paypigs drop a lot of cash in the past few weeks, and it’s gotten me thinking: is financial domination bad? Is it wrong for me to have men send me money when I know that they are addicted to their own ruin?

Perhaps you’ll disagree with me, but I believe I provide a valuable service when I drain a paypig. I give him exactly what he wants – and yes, he pays dearly for it. Usually as much as he can possibly stand. But there is always a limit. Even the fattest paypigs eventually dry up and realize the ignorance of their self-destructive ways.

And then they disappear. Without a word, without an acknowledgment, without a thank you for the extensive twisting and psychological journey I’ve taken them on. What they don’t realize (or perhaps they do, and that’s what scares them) is that I work tirelessly to provide the most stimulating drain and rinse they’ve ever had. I give them the delicious taste they crave and then turn on the hose and drown them in all of their favorite triggers until they just can’t take the dopamine rush anymore.

Or they run out of money.

I guess usually they run out of money.

But we both know they will be back. They just need to work harder to build up stores.

MORE for the Captins.

Always MORE for the Captins.

Every man needs a purpose, and I provide that purpose through financial domination. I give the paypigs in my wallet something to work for – something to LIVE for.

“It works. It pays. It serves.”

MrCaptin came up with the mantra, but it seems pretty fitting.

When you are caught in my psychological sphere of influence, you are blessed to serve with the most blissful sub space you have ever experienced. This empty-mindedness and overwhelming sense of euphoria is crafted carefully by my sapiosexual mind – every lilt and pause in my voice, every word of my texting, and every task you receive tailored to your personal triggers.

We both know this was just a carefully crafted trigger designed to get you under my spell.


Send now.

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