My Niteflirt profile says I’ve been around since early 2019, but I didn’t even connect a phone number until August of 2020. October was my first serious month giving a life as a phone sex operator a go… and I am so glad that I did. It’s been almost half a year since this all started, and I am happy to report that I absolutely love being a phone sex operator.

Being a phone sex operator gives me the freedom to LIVE my life how I want to. I’ve always been a hippy child who lived outside of conventions, and every “career” I’ve had as an adult has given me the freedom to work on my own terms from wherever I want; but this is a whole new level of freedom. I come and go throughout the day as I please, and I have subs and patrons who support me in living the lifestyle I want AND creating the dreams I have always had.

My work as a phone sex operator is also the most empowering thing I have ever done. People literally pay to hear me speak – to get to know me, to have me tell them stories, and yes, to get them off. I have prided myself on giving my best to every single call from day one. Even when I’m being a bitch, you’re getting my most alpha self. I use our calls to tap into every aspect of my own psyche. They are all real, and they are all amplified by my desire to please or torture you like no one else ever has. Being able to exercise all of these parts of myself in ways that are sexually arousing to others (and earn compliments, 5 star reviews, surprise wishlist gifts, and random tributes) has been heady fuel for my feminine awakening.

I was already pretty proficient in human psychology and sexuality last October, but now I feel that I have an even deeper understanding of them. Your fetishes, kinks, and genuine conversation have enlightened me on so many aspects of what it means to be human, and I am humbled daily by your willingness and courage to open up to me.

I love being that voice in your ear – the person you connect with after a long hard day. Know that I’m always here with a warm and delightful voice. Well… warm and delightful or shrewish depending on which line you call.

Keep calling, leaving reviews, and being your sexual self!