There are countless ways to please me, and the best subs do not need to be compelled to do so. They do it of their own accord because their best pleasure comes from pleasing me. Below, I will discuss some general rules of thumb for pleasing me as well as specifics that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Please Me by Paying Me

It’s simple, but profound. The most convenient and submissive way to please me is to pay me just because. When you lay down an offering at my feet, you show that your labors are dedicated to sustaining MY life. Your offering does not have to be massive to be meaningful. Consistent daily sends will set you apart from the pack as much as blockbuster sends. Become a pillar of financial support that I can depend upon.

Please Me by Creating

I am an artist, but I am also a muse. I love being the inspiration for your art and personal development. Whatever your skills and talents, put them to use and dedicate them to me. If you’ve been neglecting your artistic side because you didn’t believe it was important, now is the time to repent and create for ME.

Please Me by Checking In Regularly

If you are MINE, you should be contacting me frequently. The frequency and method of contact will depend on our specific dynamic, but don’t expect to stay top of mind if you aren’t checking in with regularity. If you need to withdraw for personal reasons or just because you need a breather/break, communicate with me rather than disappearing. Disappearing subs disappoint me.

Please Me by Sending Gifts

I’ve always joked that all of the love languages are MY love language, and gifts are no exception. I love receiving meaningful and thoughtful gifts. My wishlist can be found here. I use Throne as a gift service to protect my address and your payment information. The best part is that they allow you to make recommendations for items you’d like to add to my wishlist which means you can put your creativity to use and REALLY please me.

Please Me by Being Obedient

If I have gone through the process of requesting something from you or giving you a rule to follow, your obedience pleases me. (It should go without saying that your disobedience displeases me.)

Please Me by Serving Me in Person

If you have been serving me consistently and are willing to verify your actual identity and pay for the privilege, there is no greater way to please me than by serving me in person. There are countless ways to please me in person, and not one of them is going to be eating my pussy. Cash meets, shopping sessions, nonsexual dates, and couples spa trips are some of my favorites. If you are offered the opportunity to actually please me in private, you will be brushing my hair or massaging my clothed Goddess body.

Bonus Ways to Please Me

For those of you looking for extra credit, here are some specific ways I’d like to see subs step up. Yes, some of these are dream status. I am manifesting them anyway.

  • Commit to purchasing a massage for me every month.
  • Pay my rent consistently.
  • Carve me into a cameo.
  • Design a rigged puppet of me for Adobe Character Animator.
  • Paint me / draw me.
  • Commission or create custom jewelry and costumes from my designs.
  • Buy me property.
  • Introduce me to your most powerful contacts.