One of my biggest pet peeves is when a sub calls me Daddy. Most subs don’t understand why I find the term offensive, so let’s talk about feminine power, gender dynamics, and how they relate to MY Domination. (Note, I said MY domination… this is not an indictment of how any other Domme chooses to exercise her power. I do believe that the world needs Daddy Dommes because there are so few men worthy of being called Daddy. I’m just not one of them.)

I believe there are two primary types of power in the world. These powers are timeless and innate. They move in nature; they move in spirit; they move in us. These powers are opposite but complementary, and we have used them to paint all things in this world. Traditionally, we have used our understanding of these powers to define gender and everything else.

The sun is masculine. The moon is feminine.

Men are masculine. Women are feminine.

The earth and fire are masculine. Water and air are feminine.

But of course, there are eclipses where the sun and the moon are one. There are floods where the earth is devoured by water. Although we use these powers to define the things around us, it cannot be ignored that ALL things are both masculine and feminine. All of us embody BOTH of these energies, but our need to define ourselves has forced us to deny half of our strength.

So most men harden the softness that moves inside.

And most women tame the lioness who was meant to devour.

Unbalanced individuals lead to an unbalanced world. We are living the fruits of generations of self-denial and patriarchally imbalanced conquering. As a society, we intuitively know that everything is upside down and wrong. We feel the repressed aspects of ourselves bubbling up — to heal ourselves, to heal the world.

But when men feel this softening inside, society tells them they are not men.

And when women feel this empowering, society tells them their power is not valid unless it is male.

While there are plenty of submissive sissies and genuine trans women out there, we cannot deny that there are also submissive men who are masculine. Are they macho Alpha men? No, they are a softer version of cis male, but it does not inherently make them feminine. Often, I find that these men are connecting with feminine power for art and creation, healing, or spiritual enlightenment. Soft men are my favorite men to talk to, and they have distinct needs from the trans women and submissive sissies I support.

Likewise, some Dominant women really do embody a masculine power and energy. They subvert the culture by usurping the roles that traditionally have belonged to men. Often, they embody greed, order, vengeance, and a conquering mindset. They gain their power from the misogyny around them.

But that is not the only way to be a Dominant woman, and while it is an energy that flows through me, it is not the root or core of MY power.

MY power is primarily feminine. It is abundant and round; it flows from the water, the trees, the flowers, the moon. It comes from the art I create, the intentional movement of my body, and the sensual magic that has always been known to women. It is fluid and cyclical. Am I fierce? Absolutely. As all powerful women have always been. Our fierceness is not at odds with our femininity; it is the fuel that makes it burn.

I am the Mother Goddess. I am the Temptress. I am the Enchantress. I am the Succubus.
But I am not your Daddy.


Want to serve ME? There are so many ways to be MINE.