I’ve been wanting to make this website interactive for a long time, and I’ve finally started the process. You may have noticed a couple new sex stories recently; well, there’s a lot more where that came from. Read on to learn about my plans for www.ladycaptin.com and other exciting changes coming soon.

Gamified Content & Tasks

I’ve been sitting on some big thoughts about this website and what it can be, and I’m finally ready to make it happen. No guarantee when exactly this will be launched, but coming soon: Complete femdom content and task quests to earn badges/titles, move up the leaderboard, and vote for what types of new gamified tasks and content you want released each month. In other words, build the digital QUEENDOM (but the tasks will definitely impact your real life). I know not all of you can afford $250+/month in order to serve me so this content will be offered under a monthly subscription, but it will be available for free to all of my current and active subs. The specifics of this offering are still very much under development so if you have suggestions/ideas or want to be involved in the process, DM me.

(Why not OnlyFans? 1) I can’t control the content in the ways I want to, 2) they take too large of a percentage, and 3) I like to keep as tight a control on MY content as possible.)

Discord Server

As part of the monthly subscription, I will be offering exclusive access to MY personal Discord server. This is where all community live chats will be. It will also be a place where I can put you to actual use by sharing tasks to the collective. There will be some fun games and activities on the server as well, and it will be a place where you can connect with others who are serving ME. Compete to be the “best boy” or collaborate and work together to serve me even more effectively.

Get Involved

The discord is actually in beta, and it’s free for my current subs. Most of my subs don’t even know what discord is… so if you DO know what it is, DM me and let’s get you added! Once you’re in the server, there will be opportunities for helping to create content or otherwise getting involved with development. If you have unique skills that would be beneficial, DM me with specifics.

And of course… web development is never cheap. I’ve identified $420 worth of software and tools (with a recurring fee of $40/month) that will make this all A LOT cooler, and my web hosting was $190 for the year. So if you want to be a really good boy, you know what to do.