Some women pretend to be Dommes. I was born one.

I’m not your typical Domme shouting obscenities and clothespinning your manhood to your balls. I can certainly do those things, but I prefer a more subtle and substantial approach. I’m not a waifish teenager pretending to be a powerful woman; I’m a grown-ass Goddess with more intellect and influence than you will ever hope to have. I don’t want to dominate you for a moment; I want to dominate you for months, years, a lifetime, forever.

Be warned – once you get a taste, you won’t be able to help yourself. I will own your mind, heart, and soul. Serving me will fulfill you like nothing else can. I will encourage your exploration and kinky growth in ways you could never dream up on your own, fulfilling your cravings, tempering your faults, and expanding the horizons of your life. 

You May Call Me Goddess

I don’t mean goddess like the supposed finDomme literally harassing you.  I mean Goddess with a capital G that matters. You read about Her in school. She is the source of power; She has complete control; Her whims are to be won over at all costs.


The Woman Behind The Goddess

I write, travel, and mindfuck men for a living. I’m a nerd and a poet at heart, but I’m also a 420-friendly, sex-positive badass. I’m a sweet professional lady with so much naughty right under the surface. I’m expert at figuring out your fantasies and dirty talking them to life. I’m a professional writer and marketer (in my vanilla life), a digital nomad traveler, and an empath.

First and foremost, I am a sapiosexual. I love people with intelligence of any sort and appreciate deep conversations. I’m an artist intellectual focused on living life and drinking from the dregs of it in service of the great novel I intend to write someday.

In power play, I’m a gentle and nurturing Domme with a strong psychological/manipulation focus, but sexually, I can chameleon into whatever you desire. I enjoy learning about different kinks (though there aren’t many I haven’t encountered at this point) and really figuring out what makes us human. I get off on being the one person my clients trust to explore their most shameful fantasies in enlightened ways. I’m highly educated, very sweet, slutty AF, and a bisexual switch. I’m married, but we are ethically non-monogamous. Yes, he knows I do this. No, he doesn’t participate – unless you want him to, in which case… @Cashcaptin on Twitter. 

It’s also worth noting that I am a recovering Ex-Mormon making up for a young adulthood of repression. I love helping other people work through sexual trauma or painful religious experiences that have stunted their sexual progression. If you feel shame about your sexual desires, I promise you it is better to be open and honest with yourself about them than to try to run from them. Guilt and shame are what actually feed addiction. And if you carry trauma that impacts your sexuality, I will help you explore sex and kink in a way that heals rather than exacerbates those problems.

My Stats



Height: 4'11"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Breasts: 38F

Hair: Light Brown, LONG, Natural/wavy

Eyes: Green

Feet: 6 or 7 US

Myer-Briggs: INFP

House: Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw Cusp

Sign: Capricorn




Prayer of Consecration

Her skin is silk and satin,
the finest I can buy.
Her hair the darkest auburn
of sunset’s burning sky.

I worship at her altar –
the one I work to build
I know that should I falter,
her interest I will yield.

So I consecrate this offering
and more than that, myself
to building up her QUEENDOM
for therein lies true wealth.


Prayer of Penance

I call and blessed, she answers.
Her tone is soft and low.
She loves me when I serve her.
But when I don’t, I know…

That goddesses have fury –
the kind that scares a man
and breaks him down to rubble
in her tightened Goddess hand.

I will be better.
I will be better.
I will be better.
I will be better.

A Note About My Domination Style

I don’t care what you do during the day – whether you’re an investment banker, jetsetting tech entrepreneur, or the local high school janitor – you need a strong woman telling you what to do at night. Yes, I’m talking about sex, you dirty pathetic man. That’s all your little pea brain can focus on because it’s how you were wired. So I’m going to milk it right out of your system – pulling that disgusting cum out of your tiny little peepee with nothing but words and soft moans. 

But that’s not ALL I’m talking about. I want to own your mind, your heart, your body, your very soul. 

I am a Goddess. And I don’t mean that I’m a stuck-up haughty girl who thinks you should give me all your money – though worthy tithes are certainly required. I am a sensual and spiritual woman with intellect and intuition. I am an empath who is excellent at reading people. I believe sexual release (or chastity) and domination can help people grow and heal from traumas in their past. I am worthy of your worship and will grace you with my attention and my help for your loyalty.

Of course, like any Goddess, I am jealous. My moods change swiftly depending on your behavior, and even though I am kind and gentle much of the time, my anger and patience are not to be tested. Many subs are lulled into a false sense of safety and security by my disarming and genuine kindness. It is true that if you worship me, I will stoke you to new heights – but betray me, and you will pay dearly.

A Note About Fetishes & Kinks

I believe that sexual release is critical to emotional, physical, and mental well-being. I believe sex can be a powerful instigator for personal development and that all people deserve pleasure and fulfillment – no matter how obscure their fetishes may be. I love learning about what you desire and making it come to life. It doesn’t matter what type of fetish or kink you crave; I can offer it and will go above and beyond to research your kink, get to know you, and provide unique conversations and goodies that transcend their medium and feel like real experiences.